Diana Tavera de Kochański and her mare Gambia won the gold medal in the N class (81.5 km) at the National Endurance Riding Competition (CEN), organised by the Blue Arabians stable in Olsztyn Jurajski. The second gold, this time in the L class (22.5 km), was won by Maja Wiatr on her mare Eucharis.

Gambia, a purebred Arabian mare by Kazbek and Greka, won with a speed of 15.06 km/h, which earned her another cup for the fastest horse in the CEN competition. What's more, Diana and Gambia completed the longest distance of their careers to date.

On the other hand, the young mare Eucharis, sired by Kurier and dammed by Echara, made her debut and reached 13.89 km/h with the permitted speed of 14 km/h. Charismatic and combative, Eucharis has made great progress and is one of our most promising young horses.

And with the weather being exceptionally capricious on that day, both pairs had to complete the course in very difficult conditions. The pouring rain did not help with the steep climbs and downhills, and the rough terrain was littered with roots, pebbles and patches of sand.
But the teams not only persevered, they won in wonderful style.

And for that, they deserve a huge congratulations! They have shown themselves to be incredibly talented, brave and determined. They have the passion, discipline and stamina to become Polish champions soon. And not only that. We are keeping our fingers crossed.

More success in the Regional Competition in Endurance Riding


Trophies, trophies and more trophies! We won first place in the N class and third place in the P class at the endurance ride organised by the Blue Arabians stable.

This time the competition was held in Przymiłowice in Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska under very difficult weather conditions. Heavy rain, huge puddles, overgrown paths around the Sokole Góry nature reserve. Such a start required a very solid sports preparation, great skills and outstanding courage from our horses and riders.

Maria Filipska on the stallion Elberiusz, the longest distance (80 km) in the history of this pair and a gold medal. Diana Tavera de Kochański on the mare Gambia, a distance of 40 km in a group of 20 riders including the current Polish champion, former Polish champions and the national endurance team. Strong competition and a bronze medal for us.

We are proud of our horses and riders! We know that in this sport it’s not so much the single medal that counts, but the progress, the overcoming of one's weaknesses and the constant continuous improvement.

We are keeping our fingers crossed for your continued success!

We got the podium at the Regional Competition in Endurance Riding in Walewice


Weeks of hard training. An extremely demanding route weaving among lakes. A race against time and the need to face fear. Maximum concentration and the best cooperation between horse and rider. A start and a finish. And success. Well deserved.

Three medals in the P class competition (50 km). Maja Wiatr on New Lady, Diana Tavera de Kochański on Gambia and Maria Filipska on Elberiusz, are our winners – gold, silver and bronze. Magnificent, courageous and ambitious.

The L class competition (30 km) brought us another two medals. First place for Maja Wiatr on Alpess and third place for Maria Filipska on Saint Claire.

The mastery of our riders was shown on the first weekend of July. During the endurance competition, they gave it their all, winning the podium and achieving excellent ride times. And all this on the grounds surrounding the Walewice Stable, famous for their challenging routes.

At the same time, the Polish Championships and the International Endurance Competition were also held in Walewice.

The team and preparations were led by Piotr Kochański, trainer and horse breeder, and the owner of our stable.

All the competing pairs deserve huge congratulations! We look forward to more!

More competitions and more medals for our wonderful couples


  • 1st place in the Arabian show jumping competition in the 50/60cm LL class for Maria Filipska and Elberiusz
  • 2nd place in the same competition for Maja Wiatr on New Lady
  • 2nd place also for Maja Wiatr and New Lady, this time in the LL 70/80cm class
  • And finally 3rd place in the same category for Maria Filipska and Elberiusz
The dressage competition went equally well, with Marysia Filipska and Elberiusz taking second place and Maja Wiatr riding Ceilana taking bronze in the P-2 category.

On 17 June, another competition of the Polish Arabian Horse Sports League took place in Łomianki near Warsaw, where our riders and horses performed excellently.

And they all deserve a big congratulations, as it was not an easy competition. The heat was really tough on both the horses and their riders. But despite the difficult, and at times very difficult, conditions, our riders were perfectly prepared and fully concentrated. They had great control of their horses and the courses, were attentive and focused. And this is reflected in their results!

Thanks to Primastella Stables for another well organised competition and we look forward to more.

We bring you medals, trophies and great news from another competition held at Primastella Stables


  • 1st place in the non-Arabian show jumping competition for Maria Filipska and Gracja
  • 2nd place in the Arabian show jumping competition for the same rider, riding Elbieriusz
  • And finally 3rd place in the Arabian dressage competition for Maja Wiatr riding New Lady
The riders have scored further points for their successful starts, but what pleases us the most is the growing form of our horses and riders. And the fact that from competition to competition they are more and more in tune and more confident in their own abilities and skills. This is why they are reaching for the highest trophies with increasing confidence.

Thank you for another, as usual perfectly organised, edition of the Polish Arabian Horse Sports League competition.