Behind us is the first dosing clinic held by Elaine Butler, a legend of conscious riding, a prominent British biomechanics expert and horse enthusiast.

The methods she uses are extremely effective. Elaine is an attentive observer and her hints, comments and tips on the rider's dosage, the way she/he moves and the way she/he works her/his muscles elicit an immediate and expected response from the horse. As a result, the workshops she leads are very intensive and quickly produce results.

Rider-ability originated more than 25 years ago and was spread by, among others, Mary Wanless BSc. BHSI, who, through studying knowledge of physics, psychology, martial arts, dance and anatomy, deepened her understanding of the relationship between rider and horse. And this led her to create a unique yet highly effective method of teaching and learning equestrianism.
The conscious approach shows each rider how to connect perfectly with the horse. Through this, riders develop an awareness of their own body, its movements, limits and possibilities.

This is what we have learned and now train passionately.



Endurance is still a relatively new, but also the fastest growing equestrian competition. It is a test of the speed and endurance of horses and riders, which requires a sense of pace and the ability to manage the horse efficiently and safely over long distances.

Diana Tavera de Kochanski on her beloved Gambia competed in the L class (20 km distance) and finished in 2nd place, with an excellent average speed of 13.53 km/h, against the speed limit of 14 km/h for young, inexperienced horses. Competing on Elberiusz in the P class (40 km distance), Maria Filipska took 3rd place, achieving the highest speed in this class, i.e. 15.24 km/h (with a speed limit of 16km/h).

Congratulations to you all. We are proud of you! And we are keeping our fingers crossed for more success in this riding season.



Purebred Arabian horse shows serve not only to present the horses, but above all to have them evaluated by independent judges for the Arabian type, head and neck, trot, legs, and movement.

Being named champions not only increases the value of the champions themselves, but also raises the price of members of the horse’s immediate family. During such competitions, the horse has to be in perfect condition and have proper muscling, so it is trained every day according to a specific plan.

And it is for this reason that we invited Nicolas Frere, a Belgian horse handler of Danisa Training Centre, who specialises in training Arabian show horses, to our stable. Nicolas led a three-day workshop and horse training for us, sharing his experience about conditioning training, show preparation and grooming, nutrition and horse presentation at shows.

We know our horses are truly beautiful. And the world will find this out soon enough!



A busy and inspiring week is behind us! We completed a two-day training course with Gonçalo Soares from Escola Portuguese de Arte Equestre, the elite Portuguese School of Equestrian Art.

Gonçalo focused our attention on the classical methods of so-called ground work and taught us to remember and take into account the nature and skills of each horse, and to seek harmony between rider and horse.

We have all done a lot of work. We hope that it will be a solid basis for our further trainings. And this is all in our preparations for the endurance season in 2023.

We love and respect our horses and want to continue to grow with them.

2021 LovEnPeas Endurance Rallies Schedule


We have been engaged in the process of planning the 2021 season of Lovenpeas Endurance Rallies Sezon. If only pandemic regimes allow we are preparing for the sezon while planning to organize up to three Lovenpeas Endurance Rallies in LL, L and P or even in N classes. For a limited number of participants, riding in the Kampinoski National Park along our beautiful, forestial paths shall be your memorable, truly sporty experience.
Please, keep visiting our web page and Facebook page to monitor all relevant information there to follow.