(Ametyst x Bolonia)
silesian mare, black, 2015-04-24

Breeder: Tadeusz Szydełko
Owner: Piotr Kochański

Ametyst Romeo  Hutor 
Alfa  Literat 
Bolonia  Nefryt  Evento 
Baleta  Lektor 
Bolerina is a Silesian mare, of strong build, with sweeping, covering a lot of ground gaits and very friendly character. Bolerina is a daughter of a beautiful, black, 172 cm tall in withers stallion Ametyst standing at Klikowska Ostoja Polskich Koni (former Klikowa Stallion Depot) and which is a property of Malopolska Horse Breeders Society in Cracow. Ametyst was high scored, with 84 points. From her sire Bolerina inherited not only the coat colour but also the conformation with beautifully high set neck. Bolerina's dam - Bolonia is a daughter of a popular old type Silesian stallion - Nefryt.

In Lovenpeas Bolerina is a versatile trained horse, saddle and harness horse, she is everyone’s  favorite in the stable.