(Gaspar x Cetra)
mare, grey, 2016-04-05

Breeder: SK Kurozwęki (PL)
Owner: Piotr Kochański
Sire line: Saklawi I 1886
Dam line: Milordka ~1810


racing career

Gaspar Emigrant   Ararat  
Gaskonia   Probat  
Cetra   Eldon   Penitent  
Centra   Eukaliptus  
Ceilana is a young daughter of the Polish National Champion stallion Gaspar, who combines the blood of the epoch-making Emigrant - one of the best sires in the post-war history of Polish breeding - and Gaskonia by Probat, carrying and transmitting the correctness of her sire's conformation.
Gaskonia as one of few Arabian horses in history gained titles of Polish National Champion and Best of Show despite her advanced age of 19 years! Gaskonia, despite she gave birth to only 4 foals, was an outstanding dam - three of her sons won titles of champions several times - besides Gaspar also Grafik - European Reserve Champion, World Top Ten Champion and Polish Champion and Gaskończyk - successfully shown in Germany.
Ceilana on her dam's side represents the line of the Kurozweki Stud - once state-owned now in the hands of the rightful, private owners who after the post war nationalization returned to the family set whose horses have always been very successful in endurance races. Just like in the past, nowadays the riders looking for sturdy, correct and valiant horses direct their steps to Kurozweki, where Ceilana was born.
In the female line she is a daughter of Cetra, who ran evenly on the racetrack, always placing in money, except for one race.
Her courage comes from her sire Eldon, widely used both in show and race breeding with excellent results - among his progeny we have to mention the Derby winners Espadero and Eliata, as well as one of the longest Sluzewiec-bred Arabians - Dara Duni who had 107 starts, including more than half ended in money, or the winner of the Białka and Gazella, Miecha, and Sahara prizes - the mare Fiszka. Ceilana's half-siblings, Cassini and Cerceta, performed very bravely at the track in the top races of the second group.
Ceilana, in 2019, made her debut on the racetrack racing 6 times, 5 times eding in money including in two named races - Arry and Piechur.
Currently, at LovEnPeas Ceilana, an outstandingly beautiful, very strong and intelligent mare gifted with great character, is participating in endurance training in preparation for long distance races. We also intend to present the mare at shows in 2021.