(Poganin x Endrra)
gelding, grey, 2017-01-14

Breeder: SK Michałów (PL)
Owner: Piotr Kochański
Sire line: Saklawi I 1886
Dam line: Milordka ~1810

Poganin Laheeb   Imperial Imdal 
AK Latifa 
Pohulanka   Pepton  
Endrra   Ekstern   Monogramm  
Endorra   Pesal  
With 158 cm at withers, Endron is a son of the Polish National Champion stallion Poganin, highly valued in Polish and foreign breeding. Although small in size himself, Poganin often passed on his offspring good size, great movement and beauty inherited from both of his parents - multi-champion and sire champions, Israeli bred, Straight Egyptian Laheeb and the excellent Janów-bred broodmare, the beautiful Pohulanka, daughter of Pepton, who became famous as a father of both beautiful and brave horses.
On his dam's side, Endron is a son of the Michałów mare Endrra - sold in 2017 to the well-known Egyptian stud Al Baydaa. Endrra represents the best lines of Michałów champions in her pedigree - her sire is World Champion Ekstern, undoubtedly the best sire of Polish breeding after World War II until today. Endrra's dam is Endorra, several times placed in Top Five of the championships in Bialka and Janów, after which she was sold to Sweden. Endorra's sister Ekstura was 3rd at the Blommerod International Show in Sweden. Endorra's mother and great grandmother Endron is the famous Michałów-bred Emigrantka, Polish National Champion, European Reserve Champion, excellent broodmare in Michałów. Among her progeny there is a chief sire, Polish National Champion - Emigrant as well as Polish, US, All Nations Cup, European and World Reserve Champion - El Dorada. It is not without reason that the dam line of Endron, founded by the mare Emigracja (mother of Emigrant) is the most sought after by breeders all over the world.
During the 2020 season Endron trained on the Partynice racetrack in Wroclawu, though the horse owner did not agree for it to start in a race, as in his opinion Endron was not ready to race yet. At home, in Lovenpeas, in the 2021 season Endron is being introduced to endurance training and it’s not excluded that Endron will be presented at shows.